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Costs to Launch the Museum

Costs to Launch the Museum

Because the Museum is registered as an international not-for-profit organization (NGO), fundraising is necessary. Funds are needed to construct the Museum complex, to make its virtual experience easily accessible, and to sustain it with an Endowment Fund. By stressing that this is an international project from the start, we provide a base for global ownership which will also enhance the mission of the project.

A significant portion of support will come through the Government of Ghana, contributions of Patrons and Board Members, and through professional fundraising by qualified organizations. Additional funds will be raised from Corporations and Foundations in North Africa, Europe, and North America, along with individual and membership contributions.

Pledges in hand from the Government of Ghana and the great reception we have received from individual donors have been quite encouraging. Currently, contributions from Board Members and Patrons have enabled the Museum to have an operating budget.

Overall, a total of $50 Million is needed to build and launch the Museum by December 2023. The breakdown is as follows: 

  • Preliminary land, architectural, landscaping costs – $2.6m
  • Website/Digital Museum etc – $500,000
  • Construction of entire Museum complex – $38.3m
  • Exhibits/artifacts – $5.0m
  • Operations – $4.0m
  • Construction of Apartment Block for Staff – $1,500,000