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Garden of Pan African Heroes and Heroines

Garden of Pan African Heroes and Heroines

The African Union Commission welcomes and supports the initiative to establish a Pan African Heritage World Museum...the Commission stands ready to mobilize all relevant agencies and constituents within Africa and the Diaspora to support this historic endeavor
—Ambassador Kwesi Quartey
Deputy Chairperson (Sept 21, 2020)

This 2-acre Park will be managed by a Curator. It will have sculptures of Pan African Heroes and Heroines, Achievers in politics, sports, music, business, education, the arts, science, and technology.

Palace of African Kingdoms
The 2-acre Palace will feature the many kingdoms of Africa, including pre-colonial kingdoms. It will be managed by a Curator. Guides will lead visitors to learn about the history, culture and contribution of each kingdom to world civilization. Pictures, videos and artifacts from each kingdom will be made available for sale.

The Palace of Kingdoms will include

  • A souvenir shop
  • A restaurant to serve African cuisines, and
  • Cultural manifestations, songs, and dances,
    And Festival Months for each kingdom