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Herbal Plant Farm (with Chalets)

Herbal Plant Farm (with Chalets)

This 2-acre Herbal Plant farm, with chalets, will be managed by a Curator. It will educate visitors about the many species of herbal plants found around the world that originate in Africa. Plants will be l abeled and curated to make for Lectures, tutorials and learning with Herbal practitioners. Classes will be organized regularly and led by specialists in herbal plant medicine. (Certificates will be awarded.)

The Farm will also provide:

  • Space for Spiritual Revival
  • Orchard for visiting, and
  • Foods Shop and Restaurant for Organic foods

International Community Outreach Center
This space will provide an opportunity for international youth engagement in educational and cultural activities, research, innovation and technology, seminars and conferences, as well as festivals and games.

These programs make the Museum’s niche unique, with no duplication of services. The Museum has already secured partnerships with the African Union Commission, the Association of African Universities, UNESCO, and AFFORD-UK, which provides room for joint activities in the facilities.

Each of these Pan-African programs will contribute to the entire, unique cultural experience visitors will have at the Museum. To the degree possible through the power of the internet, these and other programs will be accessed worldwide through our virtual programs, via our website. This will allow potentially millions of individuals to engage our programs, interacting through compelling articles, blogs, videos, and podcasts.