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Museum Architecture& Programs

Museum Architecture& Programs

My office wholeheartedly supports your efforts and will provide you with all the necessary backing and partnership to ensure a successful project.
—Director of Diaspora Affairs, Office of the President, Republic of Ghana.

An architectural masterpiece reflecting traditional African culture and 21St Century design, the Museum will be housed in a four-story building built on a stunning plateau, 43 kilometers from Ghana’s capital city of Accra. The unique design is the work of George Wireko-Brobby of Ghana and James Inedu-George of Nigeria, Designers of the Museum.

The building’s unique form is in the shape of a Horn, which is synonymous with a trumpet, a musical instrument often used in religious ceremonies across many cultures. However, the Horn has special meaning in Africa’s ancient traditions and culture. In Africa, the Horn has historically been associated with the cow’s horn, the ram’s horn, and the elephant’s tusk, all representing great strength, yet great humility.

The African Horn is usually blown during special ceremonies signifying a message that something or someone great is coming. Choosing the Horn for the shape of our Museum will be a beacon to the Pan African family worldwide, representing the urgent call to gather ourselves in unity for true reconciliation and liberation.

In addition to interior galleries depicting the history, arts, and culture of the Pan African World, complete with a 5oo-seat theater and conference facilities, the Museum will feature four exterior exhibits of educational importance.