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The Difference the Museum Will Make

The Difference the Museum Will Make

Imagine a young person, whether a boy or a girl, of African descent in any part of the world. They might be from Nairobi, Kenya or Detroit, Michigan, Melbourne, Australia, or Hamilton, Bermuda. They have only a sketch in their mind of that place in the world where all or part of their family is from, the vast continent of Africa. Their mind is a clean slate when it comes to this key part of themselves.

We envision a Museum where such a young person can learn all about the full story of their ancestors and their cultures, derived from a great continent that gave birth to humanity and whose influence is felt in every corner of the globe. Conveniently, they can do it right from their laptop, iPad, or cell phone as they engage with the rich offerings of this Museum, learning with each visit online something new that inspires them.

The Museum is for everyone, regardless of age and background. Still, it will be particularly meaningful for the rising, worldwide generation of those of African descent who deserve to know that the African part of them is of great value.

Virtual Digital Museum
Prior to the completion of the main museum in December 2022, there will be built on the website of the PAHW project a digital virtual museum – a replica of the physical – for viewing before end of 2021.