Honorable Kojo Yankah

This week we are celebrating one of Africa’s greatest visionaries and the Founder of the Pan African Heritage World Museum—the Honorable Kojo Yankah.

Besides being one of Africa’s most celebrated journalists with numerous published books —his most recent being the instant classic “Jamestown to Jamestown,” Honorable Yankah’s service and notable achievements to the development of Ghana is astounding!

He was the former Minister of State in Ghana and served as an advisor to numerous political and traditional leaders. He was also the former editor of Ghana’s first and most trusted national newspaper “The Daily Graphic” and was also the producer one of the most beloved Ghanaian television series, the classical “Inspector Bediako.” Honorable Yankah served as the first Chairman of what became the most celebrated Pan African festival in Africa, “PANAFEST” and he is currently the Founder and President of African University College of Communications (AUCC) located in Accra, Ghana. With all that said and done, the spirit of the times has inspired Honorable Yankah to create a Pan African Heritage World that is bound to bring about the kind of reconciliation and liberation of the Pan African family that our ancestors have awaited for with eager longing.

Therefore, today we honor the Honorable Kojo Yankah for all his great achievements towards Pan Africanism and we are grateful to join in on this historic and monumental journey of creating what is arguably the biggest and most important project in Pan African history. Honorable Koko Yankah’s vision truly solidifies his legacy as being one of the greatest Pan Africanists in our history. For this we say, in the Ghanaian spirit, Ayeekoo!! You have done well!

Check out our Founder Honorable Kojo Yankah’s remarks during the launch of the Pan African Heritage World Museum. Next week, we will introduce to you an esteemed member of our Academic Council, the legendary Dr. Iva Carruthers. Until then, have a great week and continue to keep the faith!

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