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Accra. April 30, 2021
The groundbreaking ceremony to commence the construction of the $30million Pan African Heritage World Museum will be performed at the project site, Pomadze Hills, near Winneba Junction, on Wednesday, May 5, 2021.
The project, which was globally launched in September 2020 by the President of the Republic of Ghana Nana Addo Dankwa, seeks to create the environment in its 10-acre space to communicate the true and authentic history, arts, culture, and ideals of the pan African world from the creation of mankind to the present day.
Apart from the main building housing the six-storey galleries of collections and artifacts, there will be a two-acre Pan African Heroes Park, a two-acre Palace of African Kingdoms, ancient and modern, and a three-acre Herbal Plant Village where lectures about Herbal Plants in Africa will be held.
There will also be space for Festivals, Concerts, Film Shows and Exhibitions from the wide pan African world. The Pan African Library building will bring together young innovators and inventors from across the world to exchange works on science and technology to solve future problems.
Registered as an International NGO in Ghana, the USA, and the United Kingdom, the Pan African Heritage World is governed by an International Board of Directors, an Academic Council, a Curatorial Board, and an Executive Council.
The brainchild of Kojo Yankah, past president of PANAFEST and founder of the African University College of Communications, the Pan African Heritage World Museum project is scheduled to be completed for commissioning in July 2023. Funding will be mainly through donations.
The Museum complex is envisaged to be the biggest pan African heritage museum in Africa. It will have chalets and residential accommodation for lodging and conferences.
The May 5 sod-cutting event will be performed by the President of Ghana, assisted by the Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture, Dr. Mohamed Awai. Among the special guests invited are Members of the Diplomatic Corps, Heads of corporate organizations in Africa, Prospective donors, and educational institutions. It will be chaired by Nana Prah Agyensaim, Paramount Chief of Assin Owirenkyi.
Says the founder Kojo Yankah, ‘the time has come for people of African descent to tell their own story to shape their future’.
You can watch the event here.
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