Case Statement

The world is yearning for a new humanity, a new world order – where there will be racial justice, freedom for all, and respect for each other’s culture. The youth need inspiration from their own history, their own past, their own arts and cultures – their own heritage.

As people of African descent, we have chosen to dedicate a site in Ghana, on the continent of Africa, to locate a unique museum complex, beyond the galleries, where the world will experience a new education, a new healing, a new inspiration – our contribution to a new humanity. The Pan African Heritage World Museum provides a mirror through which the world will reflect on, unlearn, and relearn from the missing pages of history, the true reality of Africa. We are different from all other museums around the world.

We are the only museum starting with a digital version before the physical, and the only museum in the world with a mission to tell the truth about the African origins of humanity and the centrality of great African civilizations in the development of world civilizations. What undergirds all our actions is a dedication to our core values: integrity, transparent governance, excellence, dedication to truth and service to humanity.

It is appropriate that such a visionary institution be located in the Republic of Ghana. Since its independence in March 1957, which was witnessed by an American delegation including Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Ghana has always opened its loving arms to its African family – whose millions of ancestors were kidnapped, dispersed throughout the world, and enslaved – and beckoned them to “come back (both culturally and physically), to return home.”

Our mission is to create an environment where the common heritage of people of African descent will be exhibited and taught; to educate all those who have access to it; to heal all the wounds that have been created by circumstances of history, and to inspire a new generation to build a better world.

Endorsed by the Republic of Ghana, the African Union Commission, the NAACP, the South South Cooperation, UNESCO, the Association of African Universities, and many others, the Pan African Heritage

Our mission

Our mission is to create an environment for people of African descent and all others to discover and experience the true history of the Origins of Humanity, the Development of Cultures and the Great Civilizations of the Nile Valley that influenced the past, inform the present, and will shape the future, serving as an inspiration for generations to come.

Pan African Heritage World Museum

World Museum presents to the world a 6-floor building of featuring a state-of-the-art theatre, galleries, rooms and exhibits of art, science, technology of ancient and modern Africa and its diaspora.
But that is not all, on the 10-acre Pan African Heritage World Complex there will be a:

  • 3-acre Herbal Plants Village with Chalets – for long stays, a conference hall, whole food store, and restaurant
  • 2-acre Palace of African Kingdoms – showcasing 50 African kingdoms (ancient and modern) with a Food Court with variety of African cuisines
  • 1-acre Pan African Heroes and Heroines Park
  • Pan African Library – housing books from the entire Pan African world
  • Children’s Library and Innovation Center
  • Convention Center for Festivals, Celebrations & Concerts
  • Hall of Fame Center – to award and celebrate annually achievers in the Pan Africa world

And next to the PAHW Complex will be:

  • Privately-owned Hotels
  • Apartments
  • A Shopping Mall
  • A Clinic
  • The African University College of Communications
  • The Research Centre for Pan African Studies


  • A Resource Centre for the youth of the world to meet, unlearn and relearn about the history and culture of Africa.

  • A centre to provide pilgrimmage for Peoples of African Descent.

  • A major destination for regular tourists as well as for Educators and Students

  • Space for major conferences on African Arts, Culture & Civilization

  • To provide much-needed jobs for the communities contingent to the site

  • A major boost to the local, national and regional economy